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    Hello all,

    I received two Treo 650's today. However, one unit has a noticeable scuff mark and both have fingerprints all over them. The UPS box shows it was shipped from the "Sprint Returns/UPS" location in Louisville, KY. The individual Treo 650 boxes weren't sealed, and the phone unit was not in a plastic packaging like how my G1000 and I700 came in.

    1. Does anyone know if their "Sprint Returns/UPS" location is the normal shipping warehouse for their phones?

    2. Did your Treo 650 box come sealed, and was the phone in a plastic package?

    Or, is this all normal? I'm just trying to make sure I don't get someone else's problems from their returned/refurbed unit.

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    My Treo box wasn't sealed, but the phone was sealed in a plastic baggie inside.
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    My Treo box was sealed, and the phone was in a sealed bag inside the box. It sounds like you might have received re-furbs.
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    Don't mean to be rude here -- but are you really asking if a new phone should be new? Umm....hello?
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    Actually, I lied. My partner, reading over my shoulder, just reminded me that the box was shrink-wrapped in plastic when I received it.
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    I'd be curious what the phone info details are (Phone app, Options, Phone Info). If there's a Phone Number and/or Username, that's a sure sign it ain't new!
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    This is a common practice by Sprint to try to resell used phone...they figure a phone returned with 30 days is "new enough".

    Return immediately. Get a real new one.
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    Return the phones. They are pushing off someone else's return on you.
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    type ##786. that will give you the stats on the phones
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    Quote Originally Posted by Loden
    1. Does anyone know if their "Sprint Returns/UPS" location is the normal shipping warehouse for their phones?
    Yes it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steveme
    type ##786. that will give you the stats on the phones
    Thanks for the cool tip . Any more goodies like that?
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    Maybe it's possible that is was a demo phone. Maybe someone wanted to see what a real one looked like, so they opened up and box and let someone play with it. Checking the stats per that key combo would be your best bet.

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    Curious about this because my 650 was shipped from SPCS Returns too. Unit and packaging looked new but possible the phone was returned and reboxed with fresh accessories. Oddly, there were several pix [dated 10/24-25/04?!?] already uploaded to my Vision Pic Mail album and corresponding entries in the Address Book. ##786 shows no refurb status but displays a warranty date of 12/25/04. Somebody elses Xmas present or my Treo's 'born on' date?

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