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    I made a ROM and flashed it. It is now looping and I don't know what to do to get out of it. Am I screwed? Do I have to get a serial cable and do all that crap to get my phone back? Ah, the periles of boredom!!

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    Can you do a hard reset?
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    Unfortunately, if the problem is a defective ROM, a hard reset isn't going to help. All a hard reset does is clear the RAM and boot from the ROM. You probably are going to need a serial cable to undo this.
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    How far does it get before it restarts?
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    It makes it through the status bar and then flashes the grey Palm Powered logo for about a second and reboots. Hard reset doesn't help any. I got it into the BootLoader mode, but I don't think that is going to do anything without the serial cable. Any ideas?!?!

    Thanks guys!!!

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    Yep, unless that method I mentioned of hitting home rapidly gets it booted, you're going to need a serial cable to reflash the rom. What city are you in? It's possible someone in your area has one...

    Sorry to hear about the problem. Could you elaborate on what you think happened so everyone can learn from it? Thanks...
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    Hey Shadowmite,

    I just sent you an email....I'm in Los Angeles. Anyone around here have a serial cable for rent?!?!

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    Mike S, another possibility is you could make your own cable if you are comfortable with a soldering iron. You need a tungsten t5 hotsync cable, and a future dial interface cable from radio shack with the middle connector box... The instructions are at my site...

    EDIT: I'll see what you decided in the morning... It's time for bed, I have to get up way to early...
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    Thanks Shadowmite...

    I'm actually quite good with a soldering iron (full bred nerd also involves guitars and amplifiers) so I might give this a shot if I can find the cables locally. Thanks for all your help!!


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