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    Does anyone know of a program to help keep track of Weight Watcher points? Or any other diet help program. Or maybe just a simple spreadsheet program I can use to program in the formula (which is based on calories, fat grams and fiber grams of foods).
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    go to and serch for diet. There are several programs for WW diet. Its a shareware program that isn't fully functional unless you buy it. IT WORKS. there is also a food database.
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    Here's a free program to track weight watchers points. It was developed by one of my friends where I work:
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    I love Dietlog, although considering the elevated price ($59) it *ought* to be a great program. There's a separate version that keeps track of Weight Watchers points, but I haven't tried it.

    Dietlog gives you a 15-day free trial, after which you have to pay to get the code to keep it working.

    Check out their web site:
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    Actually, my hubby and I were starting to write one ourselves as we're both part of the open-source/free software community and the stuff out there that I tried didn't work the way I'd like....and both of us think software should be free.

    Are any of those other programs developed by WW members themselves?

    Have you ever seen the points calculator that WW sells? I want something similar to that, but that also has a section for a food diary and keeping track of water, veggies, and excercise, just like the paper weekly journal does. I was going to write this for myself, but if there's a need for it, I'll try to work faster and get it out.

    $59 is pretty steep for a palm app.
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    I checked out both of the programs mentioned in previous posts in this thread. The "wwjournal" mentioned by mportuesi does just what I wanted -- and it's free. It's written by a WW member (with before-during-and after-pictures of himself on the program). It has a calculator to figure out the points if you know the cal/fat/fiber numbers. And the rest of it works just like the paper journal -- including keeping track of milk, water, activity and so on.

    The other program mentioned above (dietlog, I think) is really fancy. It has an entire database of foods -- you can enter "taco" and it gives you a list of different kinds of tacos. You choose one, and it tells you the WW points. You can add your own foods to the database as well. Once you have chosen it, you can opt for it to appear on your journal, and the points are subtracted from your daily ration. So you do get something for the (rather large) fee!

    I have one of the WW Points Managers. I find it difficult to use as a journal because, although it subtracts the points, it doesn't give you a record of what you ate -- so it's hard to remember whether you actually entered something or just thought about doing it! So I use it simply for calculating points once I know the cal/fat/fiber numbers. And it's bigger than my Visor. So who needs two gadgets when one will do!

    The DietLog program has a fifteen day free trial, so I think I'll continue with it for a while and see whether I find the extra features worth the money. If not, I will sure use the WWJournal program -- it's pretty slick -- and certainly will replace the bulky WW Points Manager.

    Good luck!
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    DietLog also has the optional WeightLog, and ExerLog programs with links into DietLog. It is expensive, but looks very comprehensive. They will also be releasing a new program called FitLog to log things such as reps, laps, etc. ExerLog will show you exercise vs. calorie expenditure. WeightLog will track your weight gain or hopefully reduction. Very neat package.


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    There is a new Palm-based fitness/diet program that will be released this Spring from Vivonic:

    This one looks very similar to the Dietlog program, but is supposed to be a little less expensive. $50 to Palm owners, or you can buy their own unit for $230.


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