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    Is anyone else using this??? It says it's compatable with the 650, but I can't do anything other than call, check or fold....and that's just not gambling!!!

    I tried emailing the company MDM, but no response.

    Thanks for any help,
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    Do not use this service, it is very fishy and could be a secruity risk for you IMHO.

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    I'm a little confused by your reply. This is a game I have seen sold in almost every store that sells palms.

    The game is made by MDM (Mobile Digital Media) it's sponsored by the World Poker Tour (well, they use the name, so rights must have been attained).

    Anyway, I will say this MDM company is kinda sucky with how they have their website setup.

    So does anyone else know about this I really the only guy using this game (on a Treo650)...I must be special.

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    No I bought it too and have the exact same problem. I've sent them 4 e-mails explaining the problem and gotten no replies. They seem to be a real crappy company.
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    Well, I found a email address for thier support (that isn't sent from their very sucky site).


    Try emailing them at that one. I still haven't heard anything, but the email I sent to that one was after working hours on Friday.
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    I have been in contact with the actual maker of the game. I guess it's kind of our fault that we didn't read the readme file, otherwise we may have noticed that MDM says to contact for tech help with the game. Anyway, I have been working with the guy and hopefully we will be able to get this to work on the 650. I will update this thread when I know something more.
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    any updates?
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    Standalone is very good with their support. I"m currently using HoldEm downloaded from their website, and have no problems with it.
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    I would stay away from any of the MDM games, but yes, I did get help from the ones who actually make the game which I think was Standalone.

    but really most of the NL Texas Hold'em games suck on the Palm. They all are missing something, so if you want to play just for fun and that's it...any of them are ok.

    I really like Digital Donahough's game for the PC, I wish they would port it to the palm. There are other good ones out there as well, but no one yet has ported a good one.

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