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    I have to print something up & I need an image of the back of the Treo 650. But NOT a photo. An image like in (click here) PdaReach (perfect sizes). That image would be perfect but the other side. Can anyone post an image for me or direct me where to get it? Thanx!
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    not sure if this helps - it has dots on it:
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    Are you kidding me?! Scotty you are da man! I'm looking at it from my Treo right now so I don't know if it's the right size but I'll download it to my laptop tommorow. Thanx so much! How'd you get that screenshot anyway?
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    If you have a digital camera and a good photo editor, itís not hard. If you have a piece of paper (hot green works the best but, a color that matches nothing on the 650, take a picture with the 650 on top of the paper. Then with you photo editor, you can make it identify the boarders of the 650 and cut it out of the rest of the pix.

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