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    Anyone know of any games similar to the Atari 2600/7800 classics? I've seen Pacman and a few assorted others; what's everyone else found?

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    I've seen Asteroids (Astroids), Frogger (Froggy), Q-Bert (CuePert), Centipede (?), Space Invaders (?), DigDug (Digger) and Donkey Kong (Donkie Kung) listed at PalmGear HQ. I haven't tried all of them, but of those that I have tried, Asteroids and Frogger are the best. A couple of other great "classic" arcade-style games that I don't know if were Atari modules or not are Galax and Zap!2000.
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    Galax is an almost direct port of the non-Atari (Taito, I think?) game Galaxians. I t's great, and a lot of fun. I really wish someone would port the sequel Galga...

    Zap!2000 IIRC is a port of any one of the innumerable bottom scroller shooters that dominated arcade and console games in the late 80s-early 90s. Very playable also, if you like that genre.
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    I've owned a couple of Atari 2600's in my life (2 Kb memory!), but what is an Atari 7800?

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    Atari 7800 was a new game system introduced in the late 80s which was fully backwards compatible with the older 2600 game cartridges. However, it (like so many others) was crushed beneath the weight of the Nintendo juggernaught.

    More info at: The Atari 7800 Tech Center and The Atari 2600/7800 FAQ

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    I highly recommend Tyranny. It's the old Missle Command. Can't stop playing it.

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