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    how can i recover the original btmanager? I tried to install btmanger patch and now my phone just constanly resets itself
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    Did you install the RAM DUN patch? If so, just use FileZ to delete the RAM version of the app and this will reactivate the native ROM version.
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    actually i think i erased the original btmanger file and replaced it with shadowmites patched file ( I changed the file name to match btmanger) I know I'm an *****
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    Unless you did a ROM upgrade, you couldn't have deleted the original. Using the default app Delete command (or a utility like Filez) you should be able to delete the RAM-based file.
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    Here's another suggestion:
    Use a backup program like backupbuddy, etc. and backup your Treo onto the SD card.
    hard reset.
    then restore all your files EXCEPT for the hacked bluetooth patch....

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