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    My wife's 600 has the network search problem. Our Sprint store ordered a refurbished unit to replace it, however, the replacement they received falls within the dreaded ESN range! Wisely, my wife declined the replacement and had them order another unit, but they said they can't guarantee it will be outside that range.

    Does anyone know if they have fixed this issue with replacements?
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    I got a refurb (serial # in the bad range) and the phone doesn't have the netork battery issue. So far, so good...
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    I assume that refurb units get new batteries, such that they won't have "Network Search..." problems for another year.
    --- Baba
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    "...for another year"... after the warranty is up. This is not good news!
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    the network search problem happens to hardware versions a and b as far as I am aware. Mainly, the piece of rubber that holds the stylus in place seems to dislodge the cellular modem over time causing this. Pulling it apart and putting it back together seems to fix this for awhile.
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    Shadowmite, where have you heard about this "piece of rubber" theory? Everything I've read, and experienced with my own T600, points to low battery power leading to "Network Search...". This grows progressively worse as the battery ages, and coincides with slower recharge times, faster discharge times, etc.
    --- Baba
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    kidlatj, my ex-roommate, experienced this personally. I took the phone apart and fixed it. It lasted several months before doing it again. Granted there could be more than one problem, but that's the one I've seen...
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    I find this absurd: PalmOne/Handspring sold thousands of units that failed within the first year. They are replacing them with potentially defective refurbished units (based on others' reports), which just squeezes you past the 1 yr warranty period.

    So essentially, we purchased a $500 phone, and we'll get less than 2 years useful life, assuming the replacement we get has the issue. I can think of no other technology device with such a short expected life.
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    I've had refurb units within and outside the ESN range. All eventually develop the issue. Its definitely a battery problem. The question is, what can you do about it, other than continue to replace your phone every few months?

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