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    Can someone help me get rid of junk files left over from deleted programs on the 650.
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    first get filez, then list the files and i can help. i have 19.2mb available on my 650 so i know what i am talking about.
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    GT5l thank you, I cleared 10MB in about one hour. Wrigley
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    I have a bunch on my 650 named PACERsrcDB1.

    Huh? it goes all the way down to 9.

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    what are ; strings-nc-2 and NetfrontLib and DALAcDc and MultiMail?
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    strings-nc-2 / unk try moving to SD if everything still works delete it.
    NetfrontLib / leave this one alone
    DALAcDc / you are not going to able to delete this one, it is in ROM. Actually uncheck ROM box in filez.
    MultiMai / these are the versamail files, if you use versamail leave them alone.
    Pacer I would leave these alone too
    remember, some of these files are going to return after soft reset.
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    ALso look into an unistall manager. It will only work on apps installed after it is, but it is great. IT is even worth a hard reset and reload of your apps!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wrigley
    GT5l thank you, I cleared 10MB in about one hour. Wrigley
    Great maybe you could start a post called "Clean Up Your Treo"
    Since we have limited memory and the bottom line info/status on Treo 650 memory is spread throughout hundereds of threads in would be a great service to the reset(rest) of us if there was one place to find the Safe and Effective listing or method for files we can remove.
    Many are a bit to green to run a rom update and blow some of the defaults applications.
    So what do you think GT5?
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    Northglide makes the Uninstall Manager app. It was recently updated for the 650. It should be able to uninstall apps installed before it was installed itself. Northglide also makes a utiltiy called Cleanup that will find orphan files and delete them. That app hasn't been updated for the 650 yet, but the compatability list at PalmFocus lists it as working on the 650.

    Edit: Wrigley, did you have the EpocratesRx program installed? I think the strings-nc-2 is a part of that program.
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    GT, I have PowerRun but it does not list all of the programs to move them. Is this because they can't be moved? How are you moving most of your programs to your card?
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    I move what powerrun can move. I like the idea of being able to launch without having to go to the card. powerrun will also warn you if moving the app will effect it functionality. I do however, have my games on the SD card, I moved those manually using filez.
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    Zvan you are right, strings it is part of eppocrates. Thanks that helped
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    I have often wondered about files I see on my Treo like AddressBook_CROW_esES, AddressBook_CROW_frFR, etc. This pattern is repeated in Batcam_CROW_itIT, Buttons_deDE, Calculator_frFR, and many more. Are these language support files? es is Spanish, it is Italian, de is German, et, right? It looks like there are dozens of them. On my Mac I run an app called Delocalizer that removes installed language files once you pick the language(s) you'd like the computer to support and it removes them. This saves 100's of megs of space. Can't we have the same thing on our Treo's? I'm on a 600 unlocked GSM right now and already pressed for memory. I am waiting for my 650 unlocked and I'm worried after everything I've read here that I'm gonna need every free bit I can get my hands on! Any thoughts? I did try to delete some of these and it was not allowed because they were ROM files. Did I dodge a bullet? Am I playing w/ fire?

    Also- can almost any program run off the card? I'm reluctant to move apps to the card cause I don't know if they'll work. When the 650 comes. I'll have no choice. Is there a great list somewhere that says what works okay on the card?

    Thanks for your superior knowledge. I'm still trying to understand the finer points of this OS. Thank God for TC and all you who share the knowledge w/ the novices like me!

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