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    It doesn't initiate a call or bring up the recent calls list or redial. Instead it simply restarts the phone app no matter what (or switches to the phone app if I'm in a different app, but I expect it to do that).

    What's going on and how do I fix it (besides doing a hard reset)?

    Any help would much appreciated!

    P.S. My wife has a Treo 650 and hers is working fine.
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    Do you (or did you ever) use DateBk5 or any other app that takes over the phone button?
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    there is a file resetphonebutton.prc here @ TC that will restore your button. Search TC for this file.
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    Go to this thread and look for the prc attachment.
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    Bulter will cause this behavior as well...
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    I never had DateBk5 installed. But I do have ZLauncher and VoiceDial installed (don't know if it could be them or not). However I did go to the thread provided and installed resetphonebutton.prc and it worked! Thanks a ton. I'm new to this forum and will have to check it out s'more ... definitely some good stuff here.

    - Jason

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