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    when you download a palm program and extract the zip there are lots of files liek readme, sometimes htmls, etc, do all of these files, even the useless ones, go into the palm when you install your new programs?
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    No, the readme and HTML files are just information that you should probably check out before installation, as they'll have helpful tips on installing, known issues and usually contact info should you wish to register, complain, etc.

    Pretty much only the .prc file is loaded into your Visor when installing. Everything else is there to help you or direct you to contact the producer of the software.
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    .prc and .pdb are usually the only ones that will go on the Palm device. The installer won't usually even recognize the others as valid Palm OS applications/data. The exception comes if you have something like InstallBuddy. It will convert .html, .pdf, .txt... files into Palm .pdb format. But, for the most part, you really don't want to do that.


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