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    Just picked up my 650 last week, and I'm loving it. But I'm noticing now, when I've got it sitting on my desk with screen locked or whatever, that the screen flickers on for a second, then turns back off again. I haven't timed it out, but it seems to do it pretty regularly, maybe every 5 minutes. Has anyone else seen this? The only 'extra' apps I have installed are AeroPlayer demo and SnapperMail, so I wouldn't think any extra stuff would be causing it. I'm going to try the ROM update for sound fix and DUN, so maybe it'll go away then, but does anyone have ideas?
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    Is it checking your mail every 5 minutes in SnapperMail? Could that be turning it on as it's connecting to your mail server?? Just a thought - I would think it would run in the background and maybe not make the screen active...but???
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    You could also be in a weak signal area and it's doing a network search looking for service. Mine does that frequently in fringe coverage areas.
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