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    Hi all,

    Didn't see this mentioned in any other thread, so I apologize if I missed it...

    Today, I called my fiance's phone (Sprint PCS T650) and it would say "dialing..." then "active..." on the screen with the minute:second counter running. However, I heard no ringing. This lasted a few seconds then it just hung up and went back to my contacts. Weird, I thought. So, I tried my home phone number. Exact same thing happened, didn't hear any ringing, said it was active, then just hung up. Tried my fiance's work number - exact same thing. Thought my Treo speaker had gone. So, I called voicemail. It worked fine. Went back and called the other 3 numbers and they all worked fine.... Was this perhaps some network weirdness?

    More: my fiance' just tried to call me on my cell phone (Sprint T650) from her Sprint T650. Same EXACT thing happened to her (says active, no ringing, hangs up by itself).

    What's going on here??? I find it unlikely that both Sprint T650 phones are both going bad at the same time..

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    My 600 used to do that once in a while. I think my 650 has done it a time or two as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NCTreo600
    Was this perhaps some network weirdness?
    That's the likely reason.
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    I was having browsing http errors around 3PM EST, called sprint & they fixed it. The tech said the network burped today!
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    Network weirdness, no doubt. Has happened to me before.
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    Has happened to me a number of times (Treo 300/600/650). Usually i hang up and it immediately works the next time. I wonder if calling voicemail "fixed" it or if it was coincidence?

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