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    I'm trying to set up my chatter with an AOL account. I cannot figure this out.
    On versamail it says the incoming server is "" and outgoing server is ""
    Under accounts on chatter it does not offer incoming or outgoing addresses like that. Does anybody have any idea how to set up an AOL account on this software?
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    In the current version of Chatter, the incoming server is called "IMAP Server" and is located in the Box menu, under Edit Mailbox (in the Define section).

    The outgoing server is also in the Edit Mailbox screen, but in the "Other" section - then click on the button that says "Edit SMTP Profile." That's where you enter the "outgoing" server information.

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    That did not work. First when I put the incoming address ( into the box, i could not get to the 'other' screen because it said i did not put in the full address. I then put it also under complete server folder name and it allowed me to the other screen. I then went to edit smtp and put in the server box. However this all did not work. It says "bad folder".
    This is all very frusterating!
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    It's even more frustrating than you think... ChatterEmail doesn't work with AOL's non-compliant IMAP implementation. Sorry.


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