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    What programs exist that allow you to map each letter to an application? I've seen some, such as CoLauncher (but I'd prefer it to be free) and I've seen switcheroo (but I'd prefer it not to be a hack, rather a simple & dedicated program).

    Any tips will be greatly appreciated, otherwise I'm gonna use the dirty hack.
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    umm - are you looking for a program beyond what the built-in favorites app does? Something more than that? One thing that Butler does is that it allows those single-letter assignments to be invoke-able (is that a word?) from any place in the device interface, not just the favorites.
    Just wondering what you need beyond how 'Favorites' does this.....
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    DOH! I forgot that you can assign the favorites list. I don't like the favorites list because of the's essentially the same thing as the home menu. Any other tips or programs would be greatly appreciated. It looks like I might have to assign the favorites and use butler. Thanks nrosser.

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