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    I know how to turn backlight on and off, and know about things like MLight that allow you to keep backlight off during daytime hours and vice versa. However, is there any utility that will allow you to step up and down thru brightness levels without going into preferences, especially one-handed/one-buttoned for when driving in car at night?
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    option-p opens the brightess pop-up for a 650. I don't know about a 600.
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    Profea Lite 600. Freeware, D/L at This = a set it & forget it profiles app, altho you can easily change when desired (thru app's interface). Set day, evening, night, overnite profiles --- each at your preferred hour. Then dictate actions per profile, which will occur automatically: turn on/off radio, brightness increment/keyboard backlights, & a couple others I forget now. Works flawlessly!!
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    I cannot find Profea Lite 600 on MTDN, can you send it to me please.
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    You may also want to check out Brightcam ( the brightness of your screen based on the light detected by the camera, and a lot of other cool stuff.

    Only works on the 600 though
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    Quote Originally Posted by gt5l
    I cannot find Profea Lite 600
    That's because it's Profeo Lite 600. It says for the 600 only, though.
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    Has anyone tried Profeo on a 650? What is the autodimming feature? Is this anything like what Brightcam does?

    Has anyone tried Brightcam on a 650? Does it work?
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    Profeo on a 650 does not work on 650, i tried, it won't even launch.
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