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    I purchased my Treo600 in September from AT&T, I was fully aware of the impending merger between AT&T and Cingulair. I even went as far as to ask the salesman if the merger would cause me problems switching service later on down the line. I received a quick and reasuring "No." Well much to my dismay my Wife's phone died on her 2 weeks ago and we needed to purchase another. She went to the formally AT&T store to buy another and the salesman told her that she could no longer buy an AT&T phone and would have to change her service to Cingulair and furthermore we could no longer share a GSM plan unless I traded my now 31/2-month old Treo in for a Cingulair edition....but I could recieve a $150 dollar credit towards a new one should I wanna trade mine in.....NOT HARDLY! My wife was told her best bet is to find phone on Ebay...and thats were we are right now....I will probably just wait and use my treo for another 4 months then switch to Cingulair with a 650....if I have to give in..why not do it in style? Thanks for listening....have a great day!

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    That stuff about having to buy a new Treo is garbage. Speak to a manager. They should be able to unlock it (or you could do so yourself). Then swap out the SIMs and you're done.

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