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    Actually, I was sorta joking... I develop web materials for a Museum... interactives, web based applications, etc. Some for kids some for professionals and some for adults. The one (and only) thing that we learn time after time from the users (both in informal testing and formative evaluation).... People don't read. Now this is not a judgment against people. I personally have accepted that my job (or at least my goal) is to design interfaces that are intuitive and don't require a lot of explanation. This is especially true of those products designed for children or a global (not exclusively English) environment.

    But (Silverado) I have to admit that you are 'right on' when you say that I am 'satisfied knowing just enough to get by' - in a way. I mean that I firmly believe in advanced features... even poorly documented advanced features. But I also think that 90% of the usability of a thing should be evident by simply using it.

    Often it is a balance... features vs ease of use. But at the present rate of technological 'complex-ification' that model can't last. Things need to get easier...

    I wonder how much time i'd save (net) over the course of a year if I 'worked' at learning and implementing all the time saving features... If I spend 15 or 20 hours (over the first month) to save 15 or 20 hours (in tiny increments) throughout the year.

    And how many of those would translate to my next smart phone.

    Anyway. I am not disagreeing with manuals... Though I'd prefer to read something else. I just detest clicking on a thread that is a clear and direct question that I want the answer to, and the only response is RTFM.

    Before I get misinterpreted, let me say that TC is really good about this. Even the people who post RTFM (or RTM) usually answer the question and then say "RTM"
    this is not an accident, this is art.
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    Reading the TC T650 news group to find out takes a lot more reading and does NOT cover it all. Try the direct method, its why you "PAID" for the manual (added into the cost)! I hope this doesn't turn into a Real Men (Geeks) Don't... thread.
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    Is the manual in pdf format and can we transfer it to our SD cards and read it on our Treo 650?
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