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    Anyone care to comment on how fast "file transfer" is with Bluetooth on the T650? I'm thinking of picking up a copy of "Blue Files" to push MP3's to my SD card, but if it is noticeably slower than using the USB connection and Card Export, I might just stay "wired".

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    Okay - I tested this today and finally got it to work. Average speeds were anywhere from 40kbps to 70kbps. Took over a minute to transfer a 5MB MP3 file. Tried the same with Card Export and the transfer was complete in a little over 10 seconds.

    I'm not sure if the connection is slow due to poor coverage - though the Treo was only a few feet away from my Mac - or what...but Card Export (via USB) is the hands-down winner if speedy transfers are your goal.
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    According to the latest BT protocol, the fastest speed can be 2~3 MB/S. The speed is 1 MB/S before. But i don't think the equipment you have can be so fast.
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    I think your transfer speed is fine. You know what's the speed of mine? Only 25kb/m ~ 35kb/m. And i also saw many other people complain on this in other forums. So i think only the mini files transferring is suitable via bluetooth.
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    Thanks for the update - I think you're right. Bluetooth 2.0 is supposed to support higher speeds, but I'm guessing the Treo is using Bluetooth 1.0. I think my G5 (Mac) using Bluetooth 2.0 but I could be wrong...

    In any case - Bluetooth file transfer isn't useable for anything except very small files - as you pointed out - and transfer via USB (using Card Export) works VERY well for larger files.
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    You're welcome!
    But except the low speed, the convenience the transfer via bluetooth technology is much better than other types of devices. If the engineer can solute this obstacle, the bluetooth moveable store device will be much popular than present.
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    I got to thinking about this last night - Do you know if Bluetooth 2.0 is a software update? Or does it require new hardware (a new chip)? If software, it seems like Palm could update the device to Bluetooth 2.0 to improve the transfer speed...

    As it stands, though, the connection would be fast enough to take advantage of DUN - 70Kbps isn't too bad for a connection to a laptop or something...
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    I'm not very sure about the way you said above. As far as I know, there're many companies support various bluetooth solutions, such as TI, CSR, Infineon and Philips etc. And they all have the chipps supporting bluetooth of their own. Maybe they can get an ideal transfer speed by update the software in their labs, but for the equipments in the market, i'm not very sure about it. Fox example, the portable computer or the PDA using the solution supported by TI, but your bluetooth storage device using the solutions supported by CSR, so there should be a lot of problems such as cooperating with each other.
    All the above is only what i thought, after all, i'm not an engineer in bluetooth field. Maybe you can consult in the store where you bought the 650.
    What do you do? I mean what's your job? Is it need to transfer a lot of datas often?

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