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    I would add to the feature request queue an optional one-line view of e-mail messages (in addition to the 2 line mode). This would allow me to make much better use of my limited screen space. I would suggest a line that includes abbreviated items to include flags, title, sender, and date. These can be truncated in some manner, maybe with a different font, and presented in cohesive manner one message on a line.
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    There is such a thing - compressed mode. Use menu-C.

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    Actually, a feature that would let you change the display font would be nice. Versamail does this (one of its few decent features). This would allow users of higher resolution Palm products to pack a bit more information onto the screen. A Treo650 with Versamail with a 6 point font is quite usable.
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    dgolding - I assume you're thinking of a smaller font for the Message View? I have it on my list.

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    Yes, this helps - thanks for the info. I would also second the "smaller fonts" option.

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