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    I have a Treo 600 with Verizon service. For the past month or so on two occasions when I try to dial out I am getting dropped. I get a "No service" comment in the upper left hand corner which stays for a second or two and then I get my signal strength and its at least two bars. This does not happen all the time and the areas it happens in are "trouble" spots but I have used this phone and other phones in these areas before with little problems. The one area is a strip mall and the service never worked in the stores so I would have to go into the parking lot. Now the last time this happened I was in the parking lot, the phone showed two bars and when I called home it kept dropping my call and I would hear a beep sound. The calls went through to my house but I could not hear them. I walked all over the place but I could not make a call. Then last night at home I tried to get into my voice mail and the same thing kept happening. My service inside my house has never been great but I never got dropped before. The phone is only five months old. Is this a phone problem?
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    Do a search for "Network Search" problems. This seems to be happening to older (> 1 yr) 600s. Does this happen when your battery is running low?
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    No my battery was not low. But I will try the search you requested.
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    I have the same problem ! when i recieve calls, it shows my battery is almost over WHEN my battery is full ! and then after that i cant recieve calls/sms.. it stays on the "dialing" screen for 5-10 seconds and returns to the main screen... please somebody help !
    THIS IS happening AFTER i installed firmware 3.5/with unlock patch.!
    and yes, my treo is older than an year.

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