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    I thought I would share with all of you how nice it would have been to have a Treo 650 when I needed one, but didn't. I'm sure all of you have your own reasons. I'll list a couple for the heck of it.

    1. Around Christmas, I was shopping with this girl (soon to be gf) and we we're looking at stuff at Target. She said I need to buy some food to make cookies in a jar, soup in a jar, etc. You know, the ones everyone mixes stuff in a jar and says here...... lol. Anyway we were trying to figure out how many oz. of choc chips we needed, and other ingredients. I said to myself, would be really nice to dig out the Treo and get some conversions. Instead she had her old treo 270 or 300 and had to do it. Not only was I not prepared, and the woman was one step ahead of me, it would have been handy non the less.

    2. One day we were talking on the phone, and she asked if I knew when a movie was, and I was like... I'm not sure. So instead of digging a Treo out and checking the movie times online, I had to wait till I got home to grab the paper.

    3. E-mail is big for me. Working on a business and would like to check my e-mails very frequently. With my current phone i'm kind of screwed.

    4. Last week we had a big ice storm, and power was out and that meant no internet. I thought to myself... How nice if I had a Treo and I could do something in the dark while I wait patiently. Some people are STILL without power this week. Having a Treo on hand would mean keeping up on e-mails, posibly bill payments online, etc.

    5. Jan 2nd I went to visit relatives, and they live out in the boonies in a cabin, and even though we have been there a few times we got lost. Instead of getting mapquest out on the highway on the Treo, or even having GPS, we screwed around for 20min extra before we called.

    6. So many times I wish I had a camera, or even a rough video of something.

    7. School is starting next week, and not only will I want one for school (my calculator, notes, etc) I am getting back into the gym now since I don't have to pay for it, and am keeping track of my rogress big time. How nice it would be to have a Treo on hand and be able to jot down what I just ate, or be able to look for a food before I go out and eat it. I'm the opposite of most, i'm trying to gain, but it is still a VERY helpful tool when you don't carry your laptop with you all over the place.

    8. Hey lets order something to go at Old Chicago. Wait, what's the #? Treo comes in handy and I get the phone number. Sure I could call info, but why waste the $$$.

    These are just a few to name. Weather is a great tool, restraunt look-up when traveling, ebay, etc etc.

    If anyone wants to share, i'd love to hear how much easier things are now with the Treo, or how much simpler it would be if you had one.
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    A spell checker would work well
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    Is true, Dave, despite all the b*#*ching we do here on the forum on a daily basis, this Treo is a pretty amazing device.
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    I got out of a play on Saturday and checked the football score on my treo. It was tied, overtime! Ahhh!!! So go to my BeyondTV server set up on my computer at home and tell it to start recording. When I get home, I watch the thrilling overtime at my convenience. Thank you Treo. Thank you Snapstream.

    I'm such a dork.
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    I just think these types of devices are handy for lots of situations. Sure there are still many problems with them, but things will get better.

    I had another situation last night. Went over to the girls house, and was installing some diet software on her palm. The 270 I think, and her computer is old, and is running 98SE. I ended up putting the software on a floppy, and then was going to load it to her computer. Well, she has an external floppy, and the dumb thing wouldn't read the disk. Pen drive.... No, cause she needed drivers for SE.

    I didn't have time to e-mail the files earier or I would have for a backup. I thought to myself... You know if I had the Treo on hand I could have beamed the program over, or even e-mailed her the files. She is using DUN from Cingular, and its rough sometimes, but we did get on, and she could have been able to download the files. But since I only use Wi-fi I was out of luck. I also don't own a BT phone.

    I had to end up installing her Palm desktop on my computer, then synching the device just for one lousy program.

    I know, she should be using XP, then I could have transfered files from pen drive, or prob even blue tooh, but finances aren't there for her to get a new laptop. It goes to what I like to call College.

    And i'm trying to find a Treo for around $450 or so, so I can keep my current plan.

    Would be nice if we could all have everything wouldn't it. lol
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    Ok, I was using my 300 at the time, but at a speaking engagement last summer, I was able to quickly look up a Bible verse that was perfect to follow up with what the previous speaker just said. I sat there at the table and descretly looked up the verse that I started my talk with, the audiance thought I was a Bible-whiz!

    Of course, I also was able to keep track of baseball scores as well!
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    Drummindave, at the risk of sounding too fatalistic, I think you've found a match made in geek heaven.
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    I hear wedding bells... just kidding... I think...

    Yeah, just to chime in, you don't need a brand new 650. I'm on a GSM 600, and it is a fantastic companion. Here are some recent uses for me:

    1. Bought a 1 GB SD card ($50 after rebate!), and put episodes of the Simpsons and Fawlty Towers on it, as well as several Audible files for my trip to Europe.

    2. Also bought and installed German and Spanish dictionaries for the same trip.

    3. The phone works in Europe! Granted, I pay a buck a minute, but still...

    4. Vindigo is the greatest thing for me. When I'm in NY or even home in LA, it is so convenient for movie times, restaurants, shops, etc. I love it.

    5. In a geeky sort of way, the Treo is a great icebreaker, especially at work. I work freelance, so I'm constantly meeting new people, and they all ask about it. Yeah, I suppose it can be pathetic, but in an increasingly anti-social world, it's a nice crutch.

    Anyway, you can get a 600 pretty cheap these days. If you're on a budget, it is still a great phone.


    - hoju
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    Ditto to above. Yes even though we complain (okay so I can complain alot at times ) I can't emagine living without this device.
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    Drummin dave....a little off topic...but can i assume you saw the basketball game against a finish.

    Hope Langfords okay and is cleared to play tomorrow night.

    Rock Chalk .......
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    Yeah, wedding bells. Maybe. Of course she isn't even close when it comes to what I know, but I heard her say... I had to reconfigure something. lol. Since i'm around alot now she's getting the hang of this technology stuff.

    Not to mention its so cool to have someone as full speed ahead as you are in the fitness world. So now that she has her program on the Treo, it'll be my turn.

    She's talking about how she may have eaten 8g too many carbs while she is inputing the info in, and I am talking about how I will be over 300g+. Obviously different goals, but at least we always have something to talk about.

    And I know this device will come in so handy once my nutrition company is up and running.

    Another thing i'd like to mention.... Need to pick up my brother from the airport. Checking flight times would be cool as well. Luckily I am at my laptop and can do that.

    BTW, i'll have to try Vindigo. Roughly used it on an old phone, but haven't payed attention much lately to the program. I always wonder how many programs out there we need if we have access to the net on the device?
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    Haven't missed a game yet, on tv. Sis goes to KU, and is at every game.

    But wow, it was a game.
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    You can check flight times on your treo. I know Continental has a mobile site and Travelocity has an aggregator for flight statuses as well.
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    What is the travelocity interface that is accessible from the treo? Anybody have a link?

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    Oops. Inserting foot in mouth. Yum. I should have tested that out first, it looks like they have disabled the mobile version.
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    wow..its interesting that I am reading this now. As I am typing this i'm in the car waiting for my brother to get some medication from the clinic. Just a few hours ago..i used my treo to drop a class that I don't really need to graduate...saving me a some serious $$$. Right after I caught up on some work email, so that's less for me to do in the office. and just before that I used it to get the number for a local junkyard (looking for parts for my car - thanks directory assistant.) This treo 600 sure does come in handy!
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    Drat! I thought I got lucky...

    Quote Originally Posted by KRamsauer
    Oops. Inserting foot in mouth. Yum. I should have tested that out first, it looks like they have disabled the mobile version.

    Sprint PCS user since 1999

    Palm IIIC -> Palm M100 -> Treo 300 -> Treo 600 -> Treo 650 -> Treo 700P -> Treo 755P
    Do I count as a Palm addict if I still have my original Palm IIIC?
    Praise is what I do...
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    Speaking of decent mobile flight sites, OAG has a decent one. I get to it from another aggregator, called - has some good stuff in it, like so many other aggregators. I just hadn't seen the OAG site lately, and it's pretty navigable via the Treo...
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    Quote Originally Posted by makrotonik
    wow..its interesting that I am reading this now. As I am typing this i'm in the car waiting for my brother to get some medication from the clinic.
    While we're on the subject of accessing this wonderful site, please remind me of the mobile url we are to use on our treo's.
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    How were you able to use the Sprint CDMA 650 in Europe? I thought it was a lost cause
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