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    I downloaded some .pqa files. I see them syncing from the desktop to the visor, but they aren't visable on the screen. Do I need special software to read these files or are these exclusive for Palm devices?
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    The *.pqa files are exclusively for the Palm VII. They are Palm Query Apps and they are for wireless.

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    There are several threads on comp.sys.palmtops.pilot that explain how you can use pqa files with any PalmOS PDA, but you need OS 3.3 so it won't work with a Visor.

    Here's a snippet from the newsgroup:

    >Definately becoming an FAQ...
    >Yes, you need a modem, OS 3.3, and the >following files from a Palm VII:
    >Clipper 3.2
    >iNetLib 3.2
    >Weblibrary 3.2
    >Security Library 3.2.
    >WMessaging 3.2 - Optional
    >Wireless 3.2 - Optional
    >Soft Reset, and your ready to go!

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