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    Anyone using supernames? Anyone waiting for it to be able to sync extended fields with Lotus Organizer like me?

    comments on this software would be appreciated...
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    I'm feeling your pain.

    I use Organizer and Supernames. Love both of them, but wish they were able to fully communicate. I have all that extra information (birthdates, anniversaries, websites) but don't have the time to hand-enter them into Supernames.

    I was told some time back that StandAlone was working on a conduit, but that it would probably be for Outlook. Hope StandAlone changes their mind.

    I also use their CallTracker ... it is excellent.
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    SuperNames is a pretty good address book replacement. The thing that I'm not so keen is on is that it allows you create additional fields (which sounds like it might be a good idea) but I do most of address book maintenance in MS Outlook and there is no way that I know of to sync these additional fields to Outlook.

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