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    Does anybody know if pocket quicken can be used by 2 different users on 2 different PDAs, both updating the same Quicken desktop program? It would be useful if my husband & I could both enter our checks on our PDA and have our desktop version automatically reflect our balance? (Could be a marriage saver!)

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    While I don't have the absolutely certain answer to your question, I have been using Pocket Quicken for about four weeks now, and I don't see anything in the system that would prohibit two users from syncing to the same account. In fact, installing PQ automatically installed the conduits on my spouse's Hotsync Manager profile. She doesn't have PQ on her Visor, but I can't see any reason why it wouldn't work. If you try it, I hope you'll post a report on the results.

    BTW - the program is GREAT! I can't believe how much simplier the whole process of working with Quicken has gotten, and it was pretty easy before!
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    I believe that the version of PQ that you purchase is based on the name of your Palm-based computer. Therefore, I don't believe that you can use the same copy of PQ on two different Visors/Palms.


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