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    I picked up a Motorola HS820 Bluetooth Headset for my T650, and have to say that I'm not super happy about the sound, or more appropriately the lack-there-of.

    Is there a good bluetooth device out there that is louder than this one? I really have no frame of reference so any input would be appreciated.

    I looked for the Jabra BT800, but apparently it's not out yet... any other suggestions?
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    Take some time to browse through the Bluetooth forum. The most popular headsets seem to be the Sony HBH-660, the Cardo Scala 500 and the Nextlink Bluespoon AX.
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    I have the same volume issue.
    I tried the Jabra 250... nice and loud
    BUT... so crackly it's unsuable.
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    I've read the long thread about the 500 vs the 660... most like the 500. Not much input on the Motorola stuff though...
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    If you mute the headset and then unmute it, you will find the sound volume increases. There is also a program called btmute discussed on this board that is supposed to automate this task. I have not tried this program myself. It's really not much of a solution either way. I don't know if the problem is on the Palm side or the Motorola side, but I haven't heard of any talk of a long term solution from either of these companies. I am personally considering exchanging my headset for a different model.

    There is a list of compatible devices on palmone.

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    I have the 820 and it is fine with the btmute program but the program has a problem where the power on the phone drains out in 2 days. Maybe the forth coming rom parch will fix it whenever that arrives. If it doesn't i will probably sell it and go without until they fix bluetooth.
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    I have the 820 headset and it works pretty well for me with the btmute program installed. Decent sound for me and the person I'm talking to. It is super light and comfortable too.

    Breitweiser: Do you mean the btmute program drains the battery?
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    After accidentally losing my Jabra 250 on nea year's eve, I bought the 820 and returned it primarily for lack of volume (I also had some issues with the earpiece going into sleep mode all the time)... so I ordered the Scala 500, should arrive tomorrow or so. Pretty excited about it after reading some of the accounts in these forums.

    So, definitely read the Bluetooth forum, it's mostly about headsets.
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    I've been playing with my HS-820 in windows and I recorded a sample under basically ideal conditions (with the possible exception that I am in the presence of wi-fi) and I and the other people in an iVocalize voice chat room that I frequent all agree that it could best be described as "functional". It's scratchy and quiet but clear enough to be understadable. You'd never call it "good" though. And this is with a io-gear bluetooth 1.2 class-2 tranceiver and unholy boatloads of cpu available on my 3.2Ghz-HTT-P4, to say nothing of the Treo!

    Here is a sample I recorded at 48k samples/sec, 16 bit, Mono, using n-Track Studio 4.2. The room was utterly quiet, the crackling noise that sounds like a Vandegraaf or Tesla experiment in the background is 100% an artifact of the headset.

    The original wav is 3.4 megs, but I made a 128-224 vbr mp3 with the same 48khz/mono sample rate that is 600k for convenience.

    3.4M 48khz/16bit/mono original raw recording

    600k 48khz/mono/ 128-224 kbit vbr mp3

    EDIT: hmm, the crackling sound was apparently all in the headset feedback/playback and not in the audio input or bluetooth transmittal, since I don't hear it in these recordings at all.

    And the sound quality is much better than when I used plain windows sound recorder. It must be the higher sample rate and bit depth??

    It's still very quiet, but I'd say it was perfectly acceptably clear.

    This sample rate issue means this great idea about recording samples with a laptop is probably not as great of a way to definitively test the unit as I thught it would be. It seems to work great at these settings, but what settings does the Treo use?
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    Thanks everyone, BT mute did indeed increase the volume nicely. I guess I'll use this device until I get back from my business trip and then decide if it's worth it to return it and get the Scala in it's place.

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