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    Im looking for a good database program that will allow me to append records to an existing access database. I've tried ThinkDb and HanDbase but it seems that both will delete any existing records in access when the new data is entered. I would like to add only the new records but maintain the existing ones in access. Is there anything out there or am I missing something?
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    There is probably a better way of doing it, but I'm still more in tune with Paradox than I am with Access. Anyway, you can output to a table with the same structure as your master table; and then run an append query that pulls the records from the holding table, and adds them to the master table. This should work for HanDbase and ThinkDB (and JFile Pro and others that can interface with Access).

    BTW, HanDbase intends (not promises) to start work on a conduit that automates this sort of thing. So they look like the ones to keep your eye on for serious workplace application development that doesn't warrant full database server action.

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