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    My Dad just got a new Treo 650 and when he recieves a text message, it automatically displays what is said in the message without having to wait for the phone to connect to vission to read it online... on mine on the otherhand, I have to connect to the web to view the message. I check to see if there was an update at palm but didn't see one? Can someone please help me out?

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    are there features new to the 650 SMS app compared to the 600?
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    we both have the 650
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    the 600 and 650 both have built in SMS applications, and when sprint activated them they should have shut off the old website sms feature. call sprint they may not have you phone set up correctly
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    Go to phone screen....
    Hit menu...
    sound prefs...
    uncheck "show message alerts"

    No more sms popups.
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    If you go into Messaging and hit menu...
    Check "Privacy Mode"

    this will allow you to still receive the alert that a message has been delivered but not see the actual message in the alert message. You might want to do this as my suppressing the Alerts in their entirety like above, how would you find out you even have an SMS unless you were in the application alwasy checking for them??
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    sorry I dont think I made myself clear. I want to see the contents of the message in the alert message... I do not have privacy checked. I checked my dads phone and the settings are the exact same?
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    This is a common Sprint problem, it is the way your account is provisioned. Have rep compare features, some Sprint reps are not aware that Treo supports newer SMS.

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