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    I can get to a "My AOL Mobile" page. But can't get to sign on anywhere to get into my email.

    I've tried;; etc. Just this AOL Mobile page that loads up but doesn't allow me to do anything on it.

    I spoke to AOL and they told me I have to download there 3.2.1 Software - then I'll be able to log on and get my mail.

    Is this true? Or are they just looking for the $19.95.

    When I first got my Verizon 600, I was able to log onto AOL and do email, etc. I don't know what changed - maybe the fact that Verizon is changing their data plans on a daily basis. I was on data for minutes, then the $25 data plan; then they hooked me up to Wireless Sync (which I did not use or download). So it seems now I probably will have to do their AOL software download, as they(AOL) told me I can't get ot my email unless I hot-sync their software into the TREO.

    Other suggestions or comments are most welcome - Thanks!
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    you can get your AOL email from a client that will support IMAP - SnapperMail Enterprise does this, and is a very good email app (in my opinion).

    good luck
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    Thanks, Pabo.

    IMAP is what's on my TREO?
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    IMAP is an email protocol, ie, a standard for sending and receiving email. you can use any email app on the Treo that supports IMAP. When you set up the account, you select IMAP as the method....

    might sound confusing, but it is actually pretty simple.
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    I'll check it out..

    Thanks, again!
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    I have experienced the same problem when trying to access e-mail via Blazer so I understand. The AOL client they are trying to sell you works VERY wel on the Treo 600. I never experienced any problems with it on the 600. Now that I am on the 650 it has problems, but that is another story. If you like simplicity and only have the AOL e-mail account or accounts, I would recommend the AOL client that can be purchased over SnapperMail. If you have other e-mail accounts outside AOL as well, I would recommend SnapperMail instead.
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    kenu: here is a link on how to setup snappermail for AOL's IMAP service.
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    I DO have an office email acct. using MS Outlook that's seperate and apart from my AOL acct. But, I do have the Outlook set to my AOL addy in an "Out of Office" forwarding mode that's available with Outlook. The only problem with that is when I reply (outside the office) to my office email the receiver gets my AOL address instead of my office email addy. (I think)

    So, maybe Snappermail is the way to go..I'm not real savvy with this stuff. Obviously, the AOL software would be easier.

    Thanks for the responses so far - you guys are the greatest!!!
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    I downloaded the trial of snappermail, mainly to access my aol mail. I'm able to do this by going to the URL, but it's sooo slow.
    Snappermail seems to do a great job, but $60 seems awfully high.
    So I'm wondering how the AOL 3.2 app works. Does it notify you for incoming mail, or do you need to manually check it? Is it pretty quick?
    Any comments appreciated.


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