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    Quote Originally Posted by TxDot
    I agree with the first point and agree with part of the second. Didn't you just change this behavior so that up doesn't go to the folder name? I think you should keep it that way. However I agree that the click <left> twice isn't very intuitive.
    it seem that palm's "Mail" functions the right way here, which is to not go to the folder name unless a 2nd push of the <up> button. i.e. holding the <up> button (unless you're already on the top message) just takes you up through the list and brings you to rest on the top message. a 2nd press of the <up> key brings you to the folder name.
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    You also need a faster way of getting there though. Don't want to scroll through 100s of messages just to get to the folder selector.
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    I am a huge Chatter fan as well.

    I have had the Treo for about 6 months, and I have been using Chatter the entire time. My Treo 600 (Verizon) seems to spend a lot of time trying to connect (or canceling trying to connect). There seems to be a lot of "fringe" areas in reception (especially for data) on the Verizon network (I am located in DC area).

    Before I had a Treo, I had a blackberry. I love the Treo, but one of the greatest things about the Blackberry was that if it didn't sense a signal, it never froze up. It shows that the signal strength is weak and keeps trying, but that effort doesn't keep you from going to other apps or freeze the screen.

    Often, my treo tries to connect - can't get a signal - cancels - and gets stuck in this process.

    It seems like an issue of the way data works on the Verizon network, but is there anyway to address this from within Chatter? Someone early asked a related question and recommended that if the signal strength is very low that the treo be instructed to stop retrying....not sure that is possible or not...there just always seems to be pop-ups telling me it is searching, connecting, or cancelling.
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    ratsey - Rocker-left gets you to the folder popup with at most two presses.

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    Marc - I was just commenting on the 'requirement' to use the rocker-up to get there, meaning that we would still need a quick way. ;-)
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    Not a biggie, but the stock phone and email apps show the signal strength indicator to the left of the battery indicator, while Chatter shows it to the right. I like consistency in the UI.
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    Hi Marc-

    Just noticed another thing when replying from the popup seems like the signature doesn't work. I notices this on the latest 18.3.
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    One more thing: I was trying to send a message when I had to do something else, so I saved in the draft folder. I went back to the message and sent it, and the attachment was stripped out of the message.
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    Though I am a bit disappointed in current status of card support, the effort you've put towards Chatter has produced a premier 1.0 product.

    I agree with a previous post that it would be great if Chatter ceased trying to make a network connection after a predetermined number of attempts. I suspect this is a Sprint/Verizon problem only but nonetheless (I use Sprint now but I'm going to Cingular soon) it's a nuisance.

    I also agree with a previous post that some basic html rendering is better than a full html via the browser; most often I want to get the gist of an e-mail and decide later to go to a browser if necessary.

    Otherwise, I agree you need to get Chatter out there as a release for those wary of a beta (though I think most Treo users are eager to work with betas) and collect some more $ and kudos.

    And I'll eagerly anticipate SD card and html support, and limited Exchange Support (you're a brave man Marc), and if you need some testimonials I would be happy to give you some positive copy. How about "...faster than SMS!" ? Also " lovely young female employee actually oohh'd and aaaaahh'd when her mail to me was almost immediately delivered to my T600!!!"

    Thanx for the hard work
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    02 - I'll look into that; the attachments are supposed to be preserved...

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    puyi - Thanks for the comments. I can add some kind of reconnect limit, I suppose...

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    Marc - thanks for the great program. It's one of the programs that I depend on for both business and personal use. An interim calendar support step might be to support the "publish/subscribe" mechanism for calenar sharing. Given that a calendar is basically a file that's a collection of ics events, it is becoming common to place calendar files on WebDav-enabled servers where they can be shared. Typically synchronization is accomplished via timed "polls" - which isn't bad considering that calendars aren't typically updated that often.

    A nice calendar feature would be to have calendar publish & subscribe functionality in a Treo. I could then access shared calendars (both personal and corporate) and keep them sync'd via the net vs a USB-style sync. If the publish was also supported, then I could make calendar changes and upload these to the calendar as well.

    There are many services that are using shared calendars now - it's common web server functionality. I also believe (this needs to be checked) that Exchange can also publish a calendar.
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    >>puyi - Thanks for the comments. I can add some kind of reconnect limit, I suppose...

    Would a user-configurable "minimum time between connect attempts" be possible? That way I could decide my own trade-off between battery life and connected-ness. (BTW, I was playing solitaire in a semi-dead spot, the phone tried to connect to data twice unsuccessfully in as many minutes. The third time, I selected "cancel", and ended up with a soft reset.)

    BTW I like the small font, but just by way of suggestion, ideally I'd like something not quite so small, with the ability to have one line of text for each message and be able to select whether it displays the sender first or the subject first. And I'd like the message text to display in the same font.

    Thanks, Chatter's a great product btw.
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    Where can I get Chatterim?
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    Hey Marc,

    Just wanted to say that RC2 is looking good so far. I'm kicking the tires. (There wasn't time for me to check on RC1).

    * The formatting problem with replies seems to be gone. Great work!

    * There WAS a little weirdness with the LED blink disappearing under V1.0b20.8. I wasn't sure if that was a bug or a feature. In one way I can see it as a feature (IF it goes off after a while). This morning, for example, I was on my laptop checking e-mail. I had my Treo up in my bedroom unattended. I received an e-mail and checked it on my laptop. A little later, I went upstairs expecting to see my Treo blinking away with a notification, but the LED was completely off. I haven't been able to confirm whether that is still happening or not under RC2.

    I'll keep you posted. Thanks for a wonderful product.
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    my lovely young female employee actually oohh'd and aaaaahh'd when her mail to me was almost immediately delivered to my T600!!!" owss... that's great
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