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    Does anyone notices that this site is down, or is it just my pc?
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    The Avantgo site is up, BUT I've been unable to hotsync. I get a message that I need to upgrade my copy. (Although I only ever installed the current version, I tried "upgrading," i.e., downloading and reinstalling. It didn't help.). WORSE, after failing to hotsync, my attempt to open the program on my Visor crashed the Visor. I got the opening Palm screen cycling on and off. I had to hard reset, and so will have to wait until I get home to start over. (At work, I rely on IR for hotsyncing.)

    Any explanations?

    Thanks in advance.

    David A. Guberman
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    I hot-synced, including AvantGo today at 7:14 am Michigan time. I checked the content and at least one publication (NYT) has today's date.

    For those of you with problems, open AvantGo on your Visor, tap the menu silkscreen, tap the Otions menu and select About AvantGo. At the bottom left of your screen should be the version number. Mine says "3.2 Build 152" What does yours say?

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    3.1 Build 152

    But I did successfully sync with AvantGo this am (~6:30 PST).

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