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    I know sound quality has been discussed at length here, so if the answer to this is buried in some of those threads please excuse this duplicate post.

    After 2 months of only minimally annoying sound issues, suddenly and without provocation I have the following sound-related problems:

    1) Clicking noises through internal speaker while using phone app. Seems to accompany sounds like ringing, talking. When I am on hold for example I dont hear anything thus far.

    2) When the phone starts up or shuts off, there is no longer any sound along with it. There used to be a chime when powering on the phone.

    3) Other various apps that used to click or give other sound feedback no longer do.

    I have not done extensive troubleshooting to isolate exactly what does and doesnt function as it used to yet. The phone still rings for example. I have tried a soft reset, that didnt help.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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    I had the same problem after pluging into the headset plug. Did you do this recently. I think the 650 might think it is still plugged in, a physical problem in the connector, wiggle a plug around in there till it works again. Fixed mine.
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    yes perfect, thanks

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