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    Does anyone know a good ouytlining program to use to brainstorm and get ideas down and organize projects. I am trying the InfoSelect product but it is a little to pricey. Any suggestions ???
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    Arranger. it lets you link todos, etc. also.
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    check out HiNote. Has desktop companion app too.
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    There is no one-size-fits-all greatest outliner for the Visor. I've summarized my notes . . .

    Arranger: Unique for linking the built-in apps to your outline. $19

    BrainForest: The beefiest of the outliners on this platform. Even suitable for light project management (completion boxes and a whole lot more). Allows you to import/export items with ToDo and Memo. Downside is that there is more to learn to utilize its power, and the desktop counter-part is Mac only(?notes alittle fuzzy?). 73K footprint, and $30.

    HiNote: Outliner with built-in paint program and allows you to add a note to each entry. $20

    InfoSelect: 2-way and N-way sync with PCs (with desktop version of app) and other Palms with InfoSelect. $69 - - and PC version costs ~$100. Last I checked, there was no price break for getting both products.

    ListMaker: fields for dates, notes and a custom field. Includes completion boxes. Export/Import with ToDo and Memo. Pregenerated databases for travel, groceries and camping. $18

    ThoughtMill: It only does basic outlining, but I think it has the slickest interface of the bunch. Also includes completion boxes. Yes. This is what I use. Only allows an export to Memo. $19

    Tree: Requires DA-Launcher and HackMaster. Adds outlining to the built-in apps. FREE - - assuming you already own DA-Launcher and HackMaster!

    One area that I expect to eventually be an issue for me is the size of an outline. I'm guessing that the outliners that rely on the built-in apps suffer from their size limits. I'm not sure about the other apps; but, if you're planning on really big outlines, you should check this out.

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