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    On the Treo 650 what is the font that the word "Treo 650" is wrote in. Is there separate fonts for the letters & numbers? I need that font! Thanx!
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    I suspect it is a logotype, that is, a font designed specifically for a logo (without any characters that don't appear in the logo). However, it looks to me as though it was based on Eurostile Extended #2. To quote from the Linotype web site: "Eurostile reflects the flavor and spirit of the 1950s and 1960s. It has big, squarish shapes with rounded corners that look like television sets from that era. Eurostile has sustained the ability to give text a dynamic, technological aura. It works well for headlines and small bodies of text."
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    does anyone have eurostyle etended #2 font they could share?

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