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    Does anyone else have issue with hotsyncing with application copied to memory card by Z-Launcher?

    I think the issue is all related to Splash apps. For both SplashID and SplashShopping (and Photo), I have copied them to memory card via ZL.

    However, if I make an update from the PC or PDA then hotsync then trying to launch the app on PDA, the application resets. After reset, if I run the app, it is moved to RAM and it is missing the update that I just made.

    This is very annoying and it's forcing me to use up the precious RAM space on T650.

    Does anyone have the same issue or know how to remedy this? Does hotsync even sync DB for apps working from memory card?
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    Apps on the memory card usually won't sync properly. I have left SplashID in RAM because of that. Documents for Docs-to-Go sync just fine on the card.
    I don't think this is necessarily a problem with ZLauncher as it is with the sync app.

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