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If you can wait for a few months, there are going to be A LOT more options in 3-4 months. No longer will it be just a couple Smartphones to choose from. Otherwise, I would give the 6600 a shot. I have the GSM version of this phone and the sound quality is amazing. I have been told many times from people that they can't believe I am not on a landline (when speaking to them on my cellphone).

Good luck
Farz...you mentioned that you have the GSM version. Being that this is a Treo forum...were you speaking of having the Treo GSM version or the the 6600 GSM version? I looked on both Cingular and Tmobile's sites to see if they had the 650 yet and no avail. Not trying to be confrontational, just wanting clarification so those looking for a GSM T650 aren't too excited yet that someone else has one if that's the case.