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    Has anyone figured out how to get the VersaMail option 'Connect to VPN' to do ANYTHING besides tell me to install a VPN client?

    I have Mergic VPN installed and it works wonderfully. I VPN in and connect to my exchange via IMAP...

    I would like to NOT have to connect manually to the VPN, the option is there in versamail, I just can't figure out how to 'tell' my Treo 650 that VPN software is installed, and what that software is?

    Any help?

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    It's not a VersaMail problem, it's a Mergic problem. The Mergic VPN does not include the PalmOS 5 support of the VPN panel.

    I installed the Movian VPN, a sort of competitor to Mergic (but uses IPsec instead of PPTP protocol), and the Movian does support the VPN panel, so it shows up in Prefs and the VersaMail VPN items.

    I don't know if Mergic plans to fully support PalmOS 5, because when I asked them, they gave me an inaccurate answer that the VPN panel was Treo propietary (which it's not).

    The bad news is that it appears that the current version of the Mergic VPN won't work automatically when the Treo is sleeping.

    I'm hoping there is a new version in the works, or a competitor product I can buy soon.

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    I have the Mergic VPN working on my Treo 650.
    I used the auto-connect feature of mergic to make versmail connect to the VPN. it connects on startup and I can get mail from exchange.
    Probably make all mail connection through the VPN, so I will use versamail for office mail and Chatter for personal. which is ok by me.

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