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    I want to restore the contacts (phone numbers addresses etc) from a prior
    backupman backup set.

    What is the individual file named that I must restore?

    (I can't restore the whole backup setm it has issues Treo, but need the contacts)

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    The contacts aren't backed up to a file. They are backup up to the Palm Desktop (or Outlook, if that's what you sync with. Click the "custom" option on the hotsync menu (on your PC), and choose Contacts. Then click "change", select "desktop overwrites handheld," and sync.

    If you don't want any of the other things to re-sync, you can change them to "do nothing" or "handheld overwrites desktop."

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    meyerweb he said from backupman, not the desktop.

    The file to restore is either ContactsDB-Padd or AddressDB.

    I would try both.
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    Restore AddressDB with BackupMan.
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