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    I'm currently traveling and I left my charger at the last hotel I was staying at and I need a replacement ASAP. Does anybody know of a retail location where they can be purchased? I can't wait for one to be shipped.
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    Sprint store - PalmOne store in some malls.......

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    i searched the radioshack, bestbuy and circuitcity US websites, and they have nothing...try as ceb says sprint, and maybe cingular
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    If they don't have one to sell, just plug into the one they use to charge the phones on display.
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    Call the hotel and have them ship it to you. Most hotels will do this as a courtesy and only charge you the shipping costs (overnight if you wish). Cheaper than buying a new charger. I've done this before. Good luck.
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    radio shack has a series of universal chargers (i-one brand, I think) that supports the 600. 29.99 for the wall charger and the connector tip is free. 600 uses tip A-26. djb.

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