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    Does anyone know if there is a way to do file transfers from my main computer (which happens to be a Mac) directly to the SD card in my Treo 650 via Bluetooth file transfer?
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    I haven't tried it, but this might do the trick:
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    The Softick program works really well. I use it with SUSE Linux with no problems.
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    That looks perfect. I've tried the beta of CardExport and it worked well. Any idea what kind of file transfer speeds I could expect using this app via Bluetooth...?
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    Okay - I tested this today and finally got it to work. Average speeds were anywhere from 40kbps to 70kbps. Took over a minute to transfer a 5MB MP3 file. Tried the same with Card Export and the transfer was complete in a little over 10 seconds.

    I'm not sure if the connection is slow due to poor coverage - though the Treo was only a few feet away from my Mac - or what...but Card Export (via USB) is the hands-down winner if speedy transfers are your goal.

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