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    Hi friends,

    My boss has been using a treo for a while, using the built in mail application. I need to find a way to export her email messages from the Treo in a way that I can either import into snappermail, or alternatively into Outlook. This is a Treo 600 GSM with service through Cingular.

    Here's the background - she uses the Treo to get her email from our server,and it works fine, and then she mainly uses the Treo for her emails while travelling overseas. Consequently, many sent items exist only on her Treo. The Treo syncs the calendar, contacts, etc with outlook, and I have found no way to include email folders with the default app. I have backed up her entire phone to the SD card at present, so I am less worried about losing stuuff, but I really need to find a way to get these emails out of the phone and into outlook - I don't care how complicated it has to be, so long as it works.

    Anyone have an answer?


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    This may answer your question.

    I am thinking, maybe the only way is to forward these e-mails to her account again.

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