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    I'd rather avoid introducing external dependencies into FP. ClipPro already has a wide variety of methods to activate it. Adding such an action to FP would make me responsible for making sure it continues to work (if I could force it to open at all!), and if ClipPro were to be changed in such a way that my action fails, I'd be the one blamed for it. That's not a situation into which I'd like to put myself.

    If there is a case where my software actually conflicts with another program, I can try to work around it. But adding program-specific enhancements is something I'd rather avoid (unless I use that other software myself ).
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    Well said! I think FP should remain true to its core and not include overlapping functions (there are too many of that already) which would serve to make it unstable and deemed bloatware. Simple and effective, that's how I like it.
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    i noticed that when i open the menu bar sometimes i have the beam and info icons , but other times i there a way to keep these icons in the menu bar, if so then how?
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    Is there any chance of getting you back out of retirement to add a new feature to FieldPlus?

    I love FieldPlus and I would love it even more if I was able to use it to look-up a highlighted word. My favorite site for this is On the Treo, I often use

    I would love to be able to select a word and then from the FieldPlus pop-up menu, select "Use". Since FieldPlus can determine if it is a phone number/url/email and take the appropriate action, couldn't it also assume that the user wants to look up the selection if it is NOT a phone number/url/email?

    It could take the selected word (e.g. "succinct") and pass it to Blazer as "".

    An option in the FieldPlus preferences would allow you to be web site independent by allowing the user to enter the website URL prefix. For instance, the user could enter the URL prefix of "" and they would therefore get sent to blazer with the following URL ""

    What do you think?
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