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    Hi all,

    I just jumped ship from T-Mobile to Sprint because I couldn't take the wait any longer (my T-Mobile phone is officially dead as in 30 min of battery when not on the charger and I didn't want to plop down the cash for a new one when I couldn't get any answers on the 650's arrival). My old phone was a Nokia 3650 (GREAT phone as non smartphones go) and it didn't seem to have these problems so I'm hoping there's a setting somewhere:

    Background: I have a Sprint (obviously) Trio 650 and a Jabra BT250 headset. They have been paired and the Headset is a trusted device on the Trio.

    1. When I get a call it takes a long time for the phone to do the beep in my ear on the headset. I need this because I keep my phone on silent (phone ringers annoy me and since I keep it on my desk vibrate isn't really an option). Is there any way that I can get the beep sooner? People who called me told me it rang up to 4 times before I picked it up and I just heard 1 ring in my ear.

    2. When making calls I always have to hit the dial/hangup button on the headset or the call won't be routed to it. In the manual it says that all calls will go directly to the headset. Do I possibly have a defective phone?

    3. I get a lot of static when on the headset that I never got on the there something I can do here (signal wise)?

    Thanks in advance for your help.
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    Do a search for this - been covered many times - make sure the BT250 you got was from palmone directly... there are two different units and one is made specifically for the 650.

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