I noticed that every time I had to do a hard reset (frequently since I've been monkeying around with my Treo 650), my settings were reverting to what I originally had when I installed TomTom. They weren't being saved on my PC by TomTom.

I changed from Left hand to Right handed and changed the way streets are displayed (number on the left instead of the right).

I checked the files on my Treo 650 (Setting.dat and Currentmap.dat). They both have their Backup Bit set.

Anyway.. It turns out that TomTom isn't changing the modified dates on the above files. So when you make a change to the settings, it isn's writing it to the because its the same date as the one in my backup directory.

As a workaround, I deleted the files from my Backup directory and then synced. New files got written. Settings are backed up to my PC.