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    Hi, been a Palm user for years, just bought at Treo 650. The pre-installed contact software provided by Palmone, Contacts v 1.2.1, is the software that is preconfigured to open when I press the phone button on the left side. My first question is: is there someway to configure that button to open another one of my contact programs (Contacts 5) which is vastly superior to the default version. Second, is there something wrong with the Contacts program from Palmone, as it doesn't allow me to search or to sort. It's just an alpha listing of contacts that I can scroll through. I have gone into the pref file, tried everything I know to set it up for practical use. Any help is much appreciated. THANK YOU! Richard
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    Don't bother with Contacts 5 on a 650. It doesn't work. They say they are releasing a patch, but we haven't seen it.

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    you can search with the contacts app. try typing the first or last name or the first initial + last name.
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