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    I know the new VersaMail for the 650 supports ActiveSync. As I've read on this forum, the 600 will not support this version of VersaMail. Unless there has been some change?

    I like Snappermail for my POP3 stuff. My corporate email does not support IMAP and I have a laptop so VZW WirelessSync is not an option. Is there any chance another email client will support ActiveSync, like Snapper? Or is the licensing with MS just too much for anyone else to offer this?

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    ActiveSync: just for 650.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nrosser
    ActiveSync: just for 650.
    Yes I'm aware of that but I was wondering if any other application (ie Snapper) would eventually support ActiveSync? Just like there are many mail programs that support IMAP, POP, etc.

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