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    Hello - I bought my Treo 300 used, it came with a USB cord which serves as power and sync-ing; but there is not a button to do a manual sync. I asked the seller about this, and they said I could manually sync by inputting the command in the phone itself. I've looked at all the menus and can't find it. Anyone know how to do this?


    Joe O'Malley
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    First, install the software following instructions until it says to hotsync
    With phone plugged in via cable
    Open the phone,
    Go to Apps, All
    Tap the hotsync logo with stylus - another logo and your hot sync name will appear if you have synced before, if you haven't it should just be a logo
    Tap this logo and it will start the hotsync
    The first thing that happens will be your computer recognizing the new usb device. It will do that then stop the process. You will then need to Hotsync again. There's some point or points where it will probably tell you to reset your phone by hitting a "reset" button on screen.
    In future, you just bring up the hotsync logo and tap it to get things going!

    If you are using outlook to sync to Outlook, you really need to dowload the latest free version of Pocket Mirror from the Chapura site and run after you have started the software install, but before the first hot sync.

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    Thanks very much Eyedeas, I appreciate the help. I did not yet understand the "HOME" key - heh.

    Muchos gracias!

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