I have never had a pda because I didn't want to have to carry around both a phone and a pda. When I saw the treo650, I thought this would be perfect, I even am running Exchange server 2003 at my office so should be able to use the active sync feature when I am out.

OK, I got the 650 and have not been aboe to get anything to work right. It took me most afa day just to get it to retrieve my mail from my sprint pcs mailbox. I could not get it to hook up with my server at work, and when I finally did I got some message about wrong version of Activesync and it would not sync up. I'm too busy to mess with that now, so I just hooked it up to my desktop via the usb cable. It syncs up my contacts and tasks, but will not sync my calendar. I've messed with it for a bit vut can get it to work. So basically its not doing much for me as a pda.

So how about the phone, the reception and sound quality is crap. I don't know if it is the phone or sprint, but it is painful to try to have a conversation on this phone. Its bad enough on the handset, but unbearable on the speakerphone.

I'm sorely disappointed. It's a great idea, but the execution is awful. This thing should work out of the box, and it doesn't. I was looking at windows based phones but hated to get another Microsoft product, mabe I should have?