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    Under preferences it only gives me two options to sort my contacts:

    1) Last name, First Name
    2) Company, Last Name

    I'd like to sort them as First Name, Last Name... can it be done?
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    Only via a 3rd party contact manager. In the past I've asked if any tie in nicely w/ the 650 phone app, but I've received no responses.
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    Thanks for the reply, I'll keep my ears open for one.
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    2Day & datebook5 will accomplish what you're looking for, I tried both & reverted back to palm contacts.
    Treoing & Loving it
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    Just curious about this sorting question (as I've seen it from time to time, and I never get it). Tell me what it is you need to do with this sorting thing? You do know you can look up contacts by their first name (or last name, or any other myriad of ways - ? Do you need to just LOOK at your contacts in that way? Just curious what it is people need with this sorting thing...clue me in..thx.
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    nrosser: here is a use for sorting/categorizing. Suppose you to see list of all your poker friends on Wednesdays and a list of your biking friend buddies on Saturdays. You can assign extra attributes to a contact and sort that way: friends, family, coworkers, temporary contacts(to be deleted every 6 months), etc.. I find it a very useful feature. I used to use KeyContacts on the Tungsten for this. I may install it on the 650 soon.
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    I like to see ppl by first name. I often don't recall their last name.
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    Hah, I thought I was the only one who cared or even noticed this. On the 600 you had "First name,Last name" or "Last name,First name" as sorting options. I have always used First name first, that's how I remember people's names. A lot of people understandably complained about not being able to sort by company. So, what does PalmOne do in a year's time? They don't change anything, except they replace the "First name - Last name" box with "Company, Last name". So, voila, your brand new Treo 650 can only sort two ways, presumably because PalmOne was too lazy to actually include real sorting which a myriad of shareware applications coded by a single guy can do without a problem.

    Hey, maybe next year they will take away "Last name, First name" and make it "Country, Last name", if you don't like it, too bad.

    It's really so ludicrous it's kind of funny.

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