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    Should Shadowmite hack the treo 600? There is a Treo 600 section on, and the treo 600 community is represented there too. Let shadowmite know you want custom roms, and they may just show up. Currently there is a poll there at probing the treo 600 community about any interest there might be for future 600 hacks. Should Shadowmite hack the treo 600? Or are the treo 600 owners just going to buy treo 650's? Let you voice be heard! Post here! Post at ! Post at Post anywhere you can and keep the treo 600 community alive. Dont let the treo 600 fall into obscurity.
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    I don't think Shadowmite has a copy of the ROM and bootloader for the 600. That would make it a lot more difficult to hack.
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    Actually, I entirely plan to work on the Treo 600. spymogoose (supposed to be spymongoose) donated a treo 600 to the effort.

    Today I have now extracted the rom updater files and rom image for the sprint 1.20 rom image. It might not be a easy process from here, but it's doable. The rom image is nowhere near as easy as the 650's. It appears to follow the format of earlier rom 4+ devices... I'm awaiting some help analysing it from euroclie and others.

    The bootloader is still a mystery, but I hope to eventually find it or how to access it.
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    With different ROMs (as opposed to only one ROM - Sprint - currently on the 650), I assume that custom ROMs on the 600 will be restricted to the ROM of the carrier (Spring in this case)?
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    If I'm able to figure this out, it would be restricted to carriers that I have extracted a image from. In other words, any carrier with a update available for the phone could in theory work... I'll post more when we get somewhere with this.

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